On the Edge of the Sixth Mass Extinction: How Can We Prevent It?

Postponing action on biodiversity could be a death sentence for many species on the planet and costly for humankind. Here’s what we can still do.

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The “White Saviour” Deal for Nature

Recent proposals to preserve biodiversity rely on flawed ways of interacting with nature.

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The Value of Nature in the City

Municipalities that previously invested in rewilding initiatives are reaping their rewards during lockdowns.

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Restoring Biodiversity through Rewilding

Rewilding might not be perfect or completely true to lost primeval worlds, but it does offer a positive way forward to bring back wildlife and restore vital natural processes.

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A Walk on Europe’s Wild Side

A look at the past, present and future of rewilding that makes the case for restoring natural wonder to both country and city.

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