Talking Climate: The Path to COP26

How media coverage of climate issues can shape the outcomes of negotiations.

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Are COPs Helping the Battle Against Climate Change?

Climate policy expert Stefan Aykut reviews the COP process and its successes since the 2015 Paris Agreement.

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From the End of Coal to Climate Justice

What does the Chinese decision to stop investment in coal plants abroad mean for the wider energy transition?

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Norway’s “Climate Election” Is a Warning for the Rest of Europe

Climate was an important feature of the Norwegian elections, but if this was indeed the first “climate election”, the results are disappointing.

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How Shadow Courts Threaten the Climate

An international energy agreement allows corporations to sue nation-states for phasing out fossil fuels.

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Tracing Our Legacy on a Changing Planet

What story will be told by the plastic, carbon, concrete, nuclear waste, and cities we leave behind?

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Fighting the New Climate Change Denialism

A new type of denialism is taking hold in the fossil fuel industry, a bid to ward off systemic change and protect their business model.

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“No Good Choices Left”: Our Dilemma Under a White Sky

After her Pulitzer-winning The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert’s new book, Under a White Sky, describes the world of “techno-fixes” to the damage we have inflicted on nature.

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Biden’s Climate Plan: Hope Alone or a Turning Point?

Climate change will be high on the agenda in the first 100 days of Biden’s presidency. Here’s what he has promised and why a clean break with fossil is improbable.

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Fast-Tracking Europe’s Energy Transition

The EU and national governments have gone to work on recovery plans to be deployed against the imminent economic crisis. But how green are they?

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