“We Cannot Delete Our Way Out Of This”: Learning In The Maze

Juliane von Reppert-Bismarck speaks to Beatrice White about how education needs to adapt to the realities of the digital world.

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Civil Society Weathering the Hate Storm in Bulgaria

As conspiracy theories and misinformation gain legitimacy in public discourse and spread online, activists in Bulgaria come under fire.

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Down but Not Out: Central Europe’s Independent Media

Despite the shrinking space and pressure from governments, some outlets in these countries have proved resilient.

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Save the Facts: Journalism as a Weapon against Disinformation

Social media platforms have created a situation where extreme views are amplified and facts are secondary.

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The Politics of Representation in the Climate Movement

The “Greta effect” reveals a great deal about exclusion-inclusion mechanisms in media and discourse. An intersectional approach has more to offer.

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“We need public financing of democracy”

The deep cracks unveiled by the yellow jacket protests in France reflect democratic institutions that have been steadily undermined. Julia Cagé discusses what it might take to fix them.

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Europe’s Broken Media Business Model

With accessible, quality information ever harder to come by, we look at the trends transforming the European media landscape today and the implications for democracy.

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Reader-supported News in Europe

A panel of journalists from alternative left-wing media outlets across Europe discuss trails and successes in today’s challenging media landscape.

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Media Capture Central European Style

In Central and Eastern Europe, vested interests are increasingly monopolising media and information to cement control and influence over opinions.

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How Orbán Manipulates Markets to Suppress Hungary’s Opposition

In Viktor Orbán’s self-styled illiberal democracy, power is maintained through patronage and cronyism built around public jobs and EU money.

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