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“Stuck in ambivalence” – The Segregation of Roma in European Cities

Why are Roma overrepresented among marginalised and racially segregated households across Europe? A scholar of cities and segregation gives his answer.

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“There Wasn’t Much Pre-existing Trust and Solidarity”

Before we can tell whether multiculturalism is strengthening or weakening solidarity between the people of a particular society, we need to acknowledge that there were deficits of trust and solidarity long before multicultural policies were adopted. Such policies are potential tools for overcoming the historic deficits in trust and solidarity.

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Discrimination Is a Barrier That Can’t Be Knocked Down: The Roma Experience of Exclusion

The borders that criss-cross our maps, and the notions of national unity that they connote, belie the fact that within and across these neatly delineated units there are communities whose very existence is a challenge to this territorial division. The case of the Roma people, spread throughout Europe and beyond, is an apt illustration of this.

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