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Is There a Green Answer to the Front National?Politics

The success of the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the first round of the French Presidential election, and the success of similar nationalistic parties in other European countries, has left many wondering how the greens and progressive forces should respond to this perceived threat to European values.

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The Hope for a New Model?Finance and Economy

Four years into the economic crisis, the global economy continues to verge on catastrophic failure. Debt-fueled capitalism, and its resulting inequalities, appear at fault, but what is the solution?

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Dany and Socrates Wrestle with the Problems of EuropeSociety, Media and Culture

This afternoon whilst strolling in the university gardens I had a most extraordinary, if not hallucinatory, encounter!

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The Green Economy – the New Magic Bullet?Post-Growth

Sed rhoncus quam ipsum non dui. Sed varius ligula a ante accumsan congue.

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Nuclear Power After Fukushima, What Remains?Environment

A year after Fukushima, the debate around nuclear power continues.

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A Package to Fix the European Economy – Thoughts from FinlandFinance and Economy

The Finnish Greens outline 10 suggestions for fixing the European economy.

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We Are the 99 Percent!Welfare and Social Issues

The ‘Occupy movement’ is a successful example of a campaign that has caused social upheaval right at the heart of society.

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A Brief Overview of the CommonsWelfare and Social Issues

An iComntroduction to a concept that is quickly gaining popularity, both inside and outside of the Green movement.

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The crisis, ferment of European FederalismDemocracy

The financial crisis has lasted for five years and there is no end in sight. The excessive public and private debt and the overleveraged banks are a heavy burden on the real economy. They also worsen the unemployment problem by preventing stimulus and fuelling deflation. The debt problem must therefore be treated as a priority.

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What democratic Europe? Response to Jürgen HabermasDemocracy

This brave critique of the ‘new German nationalism’ is welcome. But there are two mains weaknesses in the position of Habermas and his colleagues: the crisis does not allow us to re-start from the beginnings of the European Union. What the European democracy needs is a real tax revolution, a kind of New Deal or a Marshall Plan, something like a social movement and maybe a step aside from the structures that were designed to exclude it.

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