The Technology That Could Alter Human Nature

Raluca Besliu examines the implications of a proposed AI implant for the human brain.

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Fighting the “Privilege Hazard”: A Feminist Data Intervention

In a world where power is wielded unequally, data science is no exception.

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Algorithmic Governmentality and the Death of Politics

The legal philosopher questions the drive to rationalise all aspects of life through data and sets out possibilities for alternatives.

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To 2049 and Beyond: A Future History of the Internet

The story of the next 30 years in cyberspace: reinventing privacy online, Digital Donor Cards and where next for the EU after GDPR.

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Will technology kill off the car society?

Profound change is coming in the transport sector, the rules of which are being rewritten by the digital revolution. Changes to the way we move around call into question models of ownership and the reign of the private car. We discuss these crucial developments with French Green MEP Karima Delli, President of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee.

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Lost in the numbers: the missing politics of big data

Big data: omnipresent but mostly invisible. How can politics catch up with Silicon Valley and get a grip on our information?

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Invisible Threats: The Digital Dangers to our Real Lives

New technology developing at breakneck speed has left laws behind and increasingly puts not only our privacy but our immediate safety at risk.

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Digital Commons: Our Shared Right to Knowledge and Culture

MEP & digital commons expert Julia Reda addresses the pertinent question of who owns what is online.

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After Snowden, Can Technology Save our Digital Liberties?

Big data, surveillance politics, & what we learned from Snowden.

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