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Politics, Emotions and ‘Europatriotism’

An interview with sociologist and freelance political writer Dick Pels and future Member of European Parliament Florent Marcellesi from the Spanish Green party Equo, in which they examine the issues at stake when trying to rethink the emotional case for Europe.

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The Green Marx

Was Marx an environmental activist before the term even existed? According to John Bellamy Foster and Paul Burkett, he was. They claim the work of Karl Marx offers an insight into the relationship between the current ecological crisis and the historical crisis of capitalism.

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Green and Left-wing Parties Should Re-read Marx

Inequality is back on the agenda. French economist Thomas Piketty has drawn attention to it again with his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, and that is a good thing. Green and Left-wing parties are drooling over the book, but I have heard few suggestions as to how we should fundamentally tackle that inequality. To do that, we need an idea from a completely different world.

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Angela Wigger: “Marx is essential in order to understand the world”

“Marx is often judged on what he did not know, but we need to look at what he has to offer. He was an economist, sociologist, political scientist, historian, philosopher and philosopher of science. He was truly an omnipotent genius and remains relevant to a huge number of issues,” according to political economist Angela Wigger.

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