Poisoning Politics: The Global Threat of Online Extremism

Globalisation and technology have allowed right-wing extremists to amplify their messages online and to forge connections across borders.

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The Politics of Representation in the Climate Movement

The “Greta effect” reveals a great deal about exclusion-inclusion mechanisms in media and discourse. An intersectional approach has more to offer.

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Why We Need a Decolonial Ecology

Environmental destruction is inseparable from relationships of racial and colonial domination.

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Quality of Life Before Sustainability: Questioning Contemporary Green Discourse

A Green New Deal is good, but an ecofeminist one is even better.

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Sex in Colonial Empires and Its Legacy in Europe Today

Feminist and historian Christelle Taraud discusses her research into the representation of race and sex in North Africa under French colonial rule and its legacy today.

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After Brexit: Reckoning with Britain’s Racism and Xenophobia

What has transpired in Britain since the Leave campaign won the Brexit has only shown how easily the veneer of civility and conviviality can be peeled back to reveal the virulence of racism and xenophobia seething under the skin of British social life.

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