“We no longer ask to be treated as humans. We demand it.”

In October 2020, a Polish tribunal ruled to further curtail one of Europe’s strictest abortion laws.

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The World Cannot Afford to Look Away From Xinjiang

Abusive regimes are responsible for their own behaviour. But other states are also responsible if they stand by and fail to speak out.

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Black Lives Matter in Brexit Britain

Riding on a wave of nostalgia and amnesia, Britain set on a course to leave the EU. Disparities of the pandemic and the anti-racist movement brought home how the imperial past haunts today.

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Polluters in the Dock: Fighting Climate Change in Court

While political measures to protect the climate are slow, citizens take their governments or polluting companies to court to hold them accountable.

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A Legal Revolution for the Rights of Nature

A legal system that prioritises the conservation of the living world over private property would be a powerful tool for ecological transition.

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Everybody’s Survival: the Growing Hunger for Climate Justice

A French petition to have the state’s duty and failure to act on climate recognised is part of a global movement which is picking up speed.

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Why the Extinction Rebellion Movement is Morally Justified

Drawing on political theory and environmental philosophy, Jeff Justice makes the case for legitimate rebellion in the face of government inaction on climate.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Revolutionary Legacy

Today, the UDHR remains an important reference point and source of inspiration for activists across the globe.

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Fighting the Backlash: Feminist & LGBTQI+ Futures

Annabelle Dawson
gathers 10 voices looking
forward to a Europe in
2049 where the gendered
structures of power and
violence have crumbled
in the face of feminism,
awareness and equality.

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A Whole Government Behind Bars – Romania’s Fight Against Corruption

Romania has done more than any other member state to fight corruption, but the EU keeps demanding impossible measures.

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