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  • Volume 11

    Volume 11

    Connecting the Struggles

  • Ukraine, Russia and the EU

    Ukraine, Russia and the EU

    Watch debates from the Heinrich Böll Foundation's conference on Europe’s response to the situation in Ukraine

Why Green Technologies Matter for International Security

Why Green Technologies Matter for International Security

Their worlds are still far apart: national security and foreign policy experts have traditionally thought of energy mainly in terms of the need to secure access to energy resources from abroad while avoiding strategic dependence on the suppliers.

Piketty’s ecological missing link

In the debate, 17/08/15


Translations: NL  

Piketty’s ecological missing link

While providing valuable insights about the development of our economic system over time, Thomas Piketty’s work on capital suffers from a critical flaw: like so many economic frameworks, it ignores the limits of the finite resources of our planet – the fact that our ecological capital is rapidly running out. A new unit of measurement which takes this into account is urgently needed.

An Ethical Cry for Degrowth

In the debate, 01/09/15


Capitalism gives rise to an attitude that dehumanises us, because it turns us into competitive animals. We fail to realise that capitalism is an inherently exploitative system, where most of the power will always reside in the hands of the rich. But there is a way around this...

José Bové's adventures in Lobbyland

In the debate, 27/08/15


Translations: HU  

There are at least 15,000 lobbyists in Brussels, and some of them know the EU institutions better than the institutions know themselves, partly because they are themselves former EU officials. A review.


In the debate, 21/08/15


Translations: IT  

On Sunday, June 16th, 2013, between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 p.m., the price of electricity in Italy (the PUN or Single National Price) hit zero for the first time in history. In other words, electricity demand was fully covered by renewables. For the Italian energy sector and consumers this was an historic moment and an historic date. Until then, the PUN had dropped to zero in a few areas of the country but never before had it done so in the country as a whole.

What’s the matter with Amsterdam? – An education discourse turned on its head

In the debate, 10/08/15


This spring students in Amsterdam occupied their university, sparking similar protests in many other cities from the UK, to Canada, to Montenegro. What was the cause of this unrest and how did the protest come about? A reconstruction.

Remembering Alex Langer, a real citizen of Europe

In the debate, 07/08/15


Translations: FR  

Alexander Langer was a political Green pioneer, both in Italy, where he founded the national list of the Greens, as well as at the European level, where he became president of the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament. In his thinking he radically challenged not only the myth of unlimited economic growth – but also to the notions of ​​progress and thinking in terms of left and right politics.

Time to decriminalise it!

In the debate, 04/08/15


Prohibiting cannabis has been a failure. The number of consumers is constantly high, cannabis is available for everyone everywhere. In Germany, over 2.3 million adults are using cannabis. Twenty-two per cent of teenagers aged 15 to 16 are known to have already used the substance. In response, the German Greens have designed an alternative plan to regulate and control the cannabis market.

Proportional representation: the people’s democracy

Almost three months after the 2015 General Election, a feeling of disbelief at the Conservative majority result remains afresh in the UK. The results, which were a far cry from the outcome predicted by the polls in the run-up to the vote, have given rise to a heated debate about the system of voting in the UK, and calls for a more proportional system, though this transition remains an uphill struggle.

Connecting the struggles: Editorial

Journal, Volume 11, 03/07/15


From the Indignados in Spain to the anti-fracking protests in the UK and Romania, from the anti-austerity movement in Greece to the Occupy protests in 951 cities worldwide, citizens around the globe are on the march.

There is no general moral to building a movement

Journal, Uncategorized, Volume 11, 03/07/15


Translations: HU  

We tend to think that those who do not launch politically sensible movements do not deserve to take part in the public discourse. That's one of the characteristics of the inequality of political life – argues Hungarian sociologist Agnes Gagyi. In the interview she also explains why struggles differ from East to West, and why the educated middle class has become so prominent in today's movements.

Saving Roşia Montană: Romania’s new face

Journal, Volume 11, 03/07/15


Much to the surprise of everyone, the strongest protests in Romania’s late transition were related to environmental destruction. In 2013, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Romania and abroad, mobilised exclusively by NGOs and informal networks to protest against a law which meant turning an idyllic place into the largest cyanide-based mining project in Europe. A small village in Transylvania became the battle ground of opposing narratives and forces.

Stopping Eldorado Gold – Mining struggle in Greece

Journal, Volume 11, 03/07/15


Eldorado Gold now owns all gold-mining projects in Greece. The company is harming the environment and avoiding taxes; and the way Greece deals with this problem can determine some important developments in Europe.

Going on the offensive – A picture of Scotland’s anti-fracking movement

Volume 11, 03/07/15

Authors: and

Community groups have led the way on the path to the moratorium on unconventional fossil-fuels in Scotland, and continue to do so in the ongoing struggle for a full ban. The effective grassroots campaigning of these communities, who have fought the Scottish government and unconventional gas companies, is an inspiring story for those across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Once upon a time… Notre dame des Landes

Journal, Volume 11, 03/07/15


Translations: FR  

The proposed airport project at Notre-Dame-des-Landes has become a landmark in the fight against useless mega projects. The so called "zadists", who are fighting to defend the territory, became a symbol of those in search of another, fairer and humane world. Utopians with their feet on the ground.

The children of Gezi: Defending the Northern Forests in Istanbul

Volume 11, 03/07/15


What happened after the Gezi protests ended? Ever since the barricades were dismantled, the burnt out buses removed, and the world’s attention moved on to protests and unrest elsewhere, Istanbul seems to have become quiet.

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