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From a Green reboot of democracy to a democratic reboot of the Greens

From a Green reboot of democracy to a democratic reboot of the Greens

In recent years, the volume of articles and books dedicated to the democratic crisis has been constantly expanding. The same is true of the literature addressing the ecological crisis. Yet a simultaneous reflection both on the ecological and on the democratic crisis has not accompanied this proliferation. This is the intention of this print edition of the Green European Journal.

The Green promise of democracy

The Green promise of democracy

What do the Greens think about the current fatigue with representative democracy? Can the green idea of including more people in the political process, and in more ways, address this general disenchantment? A discussion between Ska Keller and John Barry.

On Democracy

On Democracy

“Democracy is not about consensus, it is about conflict.” A series of provocative reflections on the political system commonly regarded as the worst form of government, except for all the others.

Beyond political parties

Daniel Cohn-Bendit / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

Translations: FR |

The specificity of ‘democratic radicality’ is by no means a bulwark for the Greens against developments or rationales that run counter to this ‘democratic requirement.’ Nonetheless, it is a progressive component of the Greens’ heritage, one that must be constantly revived and that commits individuals to their responsibilities.

Europe’s unfinished democracy

Ulrike Guérot and Robert Menasse / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

Old Europe is disaggregating. The new Europe, which has long been a reality in the mind of many European citizens, is waiting for its constitution, one that will effectively take us into the future.

The next democratic revolution: from the Green Primary to European lists

Christian Beck, Joan Groizard and Guillaume Sellier / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

The Green Primary was an unprecedented democratic experiment at a European level. It allowed green sympathisers everywhere in Europe to participate in the process of selecting the leading candidates of the European Green Party in the May 2014 European elections. A transnational assessment of the primary from the perspectives of France, Germany and Spain.

Fulfilling the promise of the ECI: learning from the Right2Water experience

Sandrine Bélier / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

The European Citizens’ Initiative opened a much needed channel for citizens to reach the European Institutions directly, and brought with it immense potential to reinforce the EU’s democratic legitimacy. Yet weaknesses remain in its implementation and regulation, as illustrated by the Commission’s response to the Right2Water ECI. Green members of the European Parliament have advocated a number of changes to improve it, such as binding the Commission to offer a clear legislative proposal to successful ECIs.

Re-engineering politics through civil society

Christophe Derenne and Mohssin El Ghabri / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

Translations: FR |

Given the current political climate, it behoves ecologists to thrust imagination, innovation and experimentation to the forefront of political action and thought. This requires a “benevolent distance” between the Green foundations and the Green parties.

Every vote counts: social themes on the political agenda

Dirk Holemans / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

Translations: NL |

In Belgium voting is compulsory. Nevertheless, more and more people choose not to vote. This means that the voices of socially weaker groups tend to fade away, unless civil society organisations take conscious steps to put social themes at the top of the political agenda. This is exactly what was done during recent elections in Flanders.

The Finnish Citizens' Initiative: changing the agenda

Saara Ilvessalo / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

In an unprecedented step towards direct democracy, Finland adopted a national Citizens' Initiative law in March 2012. Although it has succeeded in opening debates in the national parliament on a number of issues, serious questions remain over whether citizens really have the power to effect change through the tool.

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