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From a Green reboot of democracy to a democratic reboot of the Greens

From a Green reboot of democracy to a democratic reboot of the Greens

In recent years, the volume of articles and books dedicated to the democratic crisis has been constantly expanding. The same is true of the literature addressing the ecological crisis. Yet a simultaneous reflection both on the ecological and on the democratic crisis has not accompanied this proliferation. This is the intention of this print edition of the Green European Journal.

What's wrong with Green populism?

What's wrong with Green populism?

With hard-right parties on the rise across Europe, Greens can learn from this recent surge in ‘populism’ by developing a positive and inclusive conception of the term. A Grand Narrative about a ‘Europe of hearts’ can speak to people directly and produce a different kind of patriotism to that of the nationalists: Europatriotism.

Swedish election results: disappointment and victory?

Swedish election results: disappointment and victory?

The national elections in Sweden on September 14th, 2014, were a victory for the parties at the fringes, with the Feminist Initiative and the far-right Sweden Democrats both witnessing a surge in support, while the parties in government lost out. For the Greens it was a mixed outcome – disappointing results overall, yet also bringing a chance to enter the government for the first time.

CETA and TTIP: Bringing People's Interests Back into Focus

Barbara Unmüßig and Bärbel Höhn / In the debate / 22/10/14

Negotiations over the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are being conducted as if they were private business deals. Trade policies, however, affect all of us and have implications for the global economy.

The ‘Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)’ following the 2014 eastern German regional elections

Alexander Häusler / In the debate / 22/10/14

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The AfD is elbowing its way into the right-wing populist gap in the party political landscape with a call for a nationalistic approach to economic policy based on free market fundamentalism. As a counter-reaction to the pluralist and multicultural immigration society, it stands in opposition to everything that is Green.

An attack on democracy? UK Greens excluded from election debates

Josiah Mortimer / In the debate / 17/10/14

Despite the lack of a proportional electoral system, Britain is now a multi-party country, with the Greens becoming a powerful force. Yet the major media organisations are planning to exclude the Green Party of England and Wales from next year's televised election debates for the General Election. It's a dangerous situation for democracy in the UK, with over a million Green voters marginalised...

Green Party presence in Swedish government welcomed all the same

Per Gahrton / In the debate / 14/10/14

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Greens are now in government in Sweden for the first time in the party's 33-year-long history, yet the electoral result was regarded as disappointing. In light of the rise of xenophobic populists and a difficult political climate, it remains to be seen how Greens will fare in the new coalition.

“The climate debate is over”: An impression of the People’s Climate March

Alidost Numan / In the debate / 06/10/14

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Images of the People's Climate March that took place in New York on September 21st have circulated around the world, along with pictures from many other cities. Yet being a part of such a massive and important mobilisation, characterised more than ever by pluralism and diversity, was a truly unique sensation.

The New Deal for Europe ECI: A plan for sustainable development and employment

Hanna Clairière / In the debate / 06/10/14

The New Deal for Europe is a European Citizens' Initiative supported by a coalition of social and political groups. It emerged as a response to the economic crisis, and seeks to build a solid employment and sustainable development plan for Europe by relying on federalist ideas and mechanisms to enhance solidarity in the EU.

Nine months later: A victory for the right to choose

Paula V. Espinosa Giménez / In the debate / 30/09/14

Translations: ES |

Civil society pressure, upcoming elections, and a lack of consensus within the Popular Party led to plans for the restriction of abortion to be abandoned - and caused the resignation of the Spanish Justice Minister last week.

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