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From a Green reboot of democracy to a democratic reboot of the Greens

From a Green reboot of democracy to a democratic reboot of the Greens

In recent years, the volume of articles and books dedicated to the democratic crisis has been constantly expanding. The same is true of the literature addressing the ecological crisis. Yet a simultaneous reflection both on the ecological and on the democratic crisis has not accompanied this proliferation. This is the intention of this print edition of the Green European Journal.

Why the whole UK now needs a new Constitutional Convention

Why the whole UK now needs a new Constitutional Convention

Scotland has voted No in the referendum on independence, but the outcome was close, relative to expectations at the start of the campaign.  The closeness of the vote, as well as the reasons cited by so many in Scotland for voting ‘Yes’, show that the ‘United Kingdom compact’ is no longer fit for purpose.

Swedish election results: disappointment and victory?

Swedish election results: disappointment and victory?

The national elections in Sweden on September 14th, 2014, were a victory for the parties at the fringes, with the Feminist Initiative and the far-right Sweden Democrats both witnessing a surge in support, while the parties in government lost out. For the Greens it was a mixed outcome – disappointing results overall, yet also bringing a chance to enter the government for the first time.

Listen to the Green Democratic Reboot debate

Editorial Board / Events / 19/09/14

If you missed the debate held to mark the launch of the annual print edition of the Green European Journal, you can listen to audio clips of the speakers and the discussion.

Catalonia wants to decide

Silvio Falcón / In the debate / 18/09/14

Translations: ES |

Catalonia is a region with its own distinct culture and language and has long been seeking greater political autonomy. With opinion polls now showing a large majority of Catalans support self-government, and with the rise of other independence movements around Europe, pressure is mounting on Spain to deliver reform.

After Scotland decides: build citizen-centred democracy throughout Britain

Rupert Read and Rebecca Johnson / In the debate / 17/09/14

The debate around the referendum on Scottish independence has highlighted serious flaws in the current system of representation which many feel alienated from. Regardless of the outcome, the vote has presented an opportunity for far-reaching democratic reforms that would empower citizens.

Letter: What’s at Stake - the Future of Europe lies in the Future of Ukraine

Heinrich Boell Stiftung / In the debate / 17/09/14

Ukrainian author Jurij Andruchowytsch, jointly with numerous intellectuals, calls for solidarity with Ukraine in an open letter to the German government.

Who will decide the Scottish referendum? The dispossessed

Adam Ramsay / In the debate / 10/09/14

Translations: PL |

The Yes campaign in Scotland - which includes Greens and progressives of all parties and none - has inspired a vast swathe of the country that has been ignored by the neoliberal parties. If this demographic turns out to vote on the 18th of September, it could determine the result...

Green, left, growing – lessons from the Greens in England and Wales

Josiah Mortimer / In the debate / 08/09/14

‘Neither left nor right, but forward’ has been a semi-official motto of many Green Parties across Europe since their inception in the 1960s and ‘70s. But as the Green Party of England & Wales’ (GPEW) Autumn Conference drew to a close this weekend, the party appears to be maintaining or indeed continuing its leftward drive. The implications could be interesting both for Britain and for Green Parties elsewhere.

Beyond political parties

Daniel Cohn-Bendit / Second Print Edition / 20/08/14

Translations: FR |

The specificity of ‘democratic radicality’ is by no means a bulwark for the Greens against developments or rationales that run counter to this ‘democratic requirement.’ Nonetheless, it is a progressive component of the Greens’ heritage, one that must be constantly revived and that commits individuals to their responsibilities.

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