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Aurelie Marechal

Aurelie Marechal
is the director of the Green European Foundation, and previously worked in the European Parliament for Green MEP Philippe Lamberts.

Ecolo, Democracy as a Project

In the debate, 01/08/14


Translations: FR  

Long perceived and portrayed as a party unlike the others, Ecolo has succeeded in becoming one of French-speaking Belgium’s four ‘big’ parties in just 30 years. But today, many struggle to grasp what distinguishes the Green party since so many others have adopted the theme of sustainable development. A review of 'Ecolo, Democracy as a Project' by Benoit Lechat.

No growth? In search of another path for Europe

Volume 3, 28/09/12


Austerity or growth, austerity for growth, and maybe for a different kind of growth? In 2012, this debate is on the top of the European agenda. But what should we do if growth is no longer possible? As growth and degrowth are both equally unsustainable what we need is “something else”. For this “something else” to be truly sustainable, it will have to be serious about both the recognition of the physical limits of our planet and the need for a more egalitarian society.

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