Running Dry: Protecting the Right to Water in Europe

Martin Vrba explains why privatised water cannot bring about the resilience needed to face a warming world.

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Will High Costs Stop Europeans’ Mobility in its Tracks?

Philipp Cerny asks whether free public transport can transform how Europeans get around.

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Affordable Public Transport for a Fairer Scotland

A new report sets out how affordable transport in Scotland can tackle inequality and advance the country’s climate goals.

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The Fault Lines of Education in Europe

Data uncovers the relationship between public investment in education and equality and social mobility in Europe.

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The Foundational Economy for a Good Life

The foundational economy – education, health and social care, utilities, and retail – is crucial to ensure a sustainable future for our societies.

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Taking Back Control: The Future of Public Services

Contrary to decades of received wisdom, reversing privatisation can result in more accessible, accountable and cost-effective public services.

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Public Abundance is the Secret to the Green New Deal

As the COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted, local public services are essential to achieve a sustainable and democratic life.

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Tax havens must be closed, but not for the reasons you think

It’s not just about the tax havens, the state can do better than blaming tax evasion for poor public services.

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Can Cities and Citizens Reinvent Public Services?

Going far beyond a simple reversal of privatisation, the remunicipalisation of public services is gathering pace across Europe’s cities and towns.

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