A Sufficiency Vision for an Ecologically Constrained World

With global production pushing the planet past its limits, a shift from growth to sufficiency in rich countries is now an imperative

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Work in a World Without Growth

With growth-driven economies surpassing environmental limits, a job guarantee could offer a way to a sustainable economic system.

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When Time Isn’t Money: The Case for Working Time Reduction

Could reducing working time offer a way to a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable society?

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The Malaise of the Old Left Represents an Opportunity for Degrowth

These days, the degrowth movement is not interested in provocation anymore. Instead it wants to stimulate discussions amongst the people who believe that it is possible to decolonise our minds. Vincent Liegey, the coordinator of the latest Degrowth Conference says that the movement’s impact is already visible in many party programmes

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The Commons: A Frame for Thinking Beyond Growth

In this interview, commons scholar Silke Helfrich discusses the connection between degrowth and the commons, and how these two concepts can help us build a sustainable economy.

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From Sustainable Development to Degrowth: Strategic Concepts in a Time of Downturn

It is vital now to distinguish between the terms “sustainable development” and “degrowth”, as while one has lost meaning, another is more relevant than ever. Written before the start of COP21, this piece sets apart the two and highlights the importance of changing our view of what constitutes a healthy, climate-friendly economy.

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The politics of sufficiency: A new approach to ecological production

The ecological production project of the Green European Foundation (ECOPRO) centralises its focus on the development of sustainable green technologies in a post-growth society.

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Can We Prosper Without Growth? 10 Policy Proposals

For many people it seems easier to imagine the end of the world, or even the end of capitalism, than to imagine the end of growth. To break this spell of growth, we bring you some of the policy proposals that are derived from the theory of degrowth.

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Green House’s Post-Growth Project

Everyone agrees that we are in the midst of a massive financial and economic crisis – but how can it be resolved? A new publication from Green House think tank, ‘The Post Growth Project’, sets out to critically examine why growth is regarded as so central to our economic system, and to challenge the assumption that it is ‘bad news’ when the economy doesn’t grow.

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Green Growth vs. Degrowth: Beyond a Sterile Debate

Discussions among proponents of green growth and those of degrowth often fall within the category of debates that are not fruitful. But it is possible to give structure to it and to try to develop a better understanding of the link between growth, globalisation, new technologies and well-being.

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