Seeing Mobility in a New Light

Addressing challenges surrounding mobility today requires more than new infrastructure and regulations.

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Mirroring Bias: Online Hate Speech and Polarisation

Torrential online abuse is reproducing structural inequalities and weakening democracy.

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Down but Not Out: Central Europe’s Independent Media

Despite the shrinking space and pressure from governments, some outlets in these countries have proved resilient.

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The Pandemic Is Gendered – and so Is Recovery

Covid-19 and a challenging political climate put feminist gains at risk in Spain. Recovery must address inequalities to prevent a downward spiral.

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Inclusivity Means Breaking the “Otherness” Fixation

Tackling inequalities to build truly inclusive spaces requires challenging norms that view people with a migration background primarily as different and disadvantaged.

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Girls Gone Running: Taking on Street Harassment in Romania

Street harassment is still far from being seen by society as a form of gender-based violence. Romanian athletes are working to change that.

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Ecology Starts at School

School has fulfilled its mission by giving us tools to find knowledge but it hasn’t been able to prepare us for the challenge of the 21st century.

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Taking Back Control from Big Tech: The EU’s Digital Package

The digital space needs to be regulated according to a new set of principles that protect fundamental rights but also user freedoms.

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Save the Facts: Journalism as a Weapon against Disinformation

Social media platforms have created a situation where extreme views are amplified and facts are secondary.

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Buen Vivir: A Concept on the Rise in Europe?

Rooted in indigenous traditions, the concept of buen vivir has gained prominence in Latin America. We explore its rising trajectory and influence in Europe.

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