Europe Must Do More for Media and Democracy

Despite the attention on fake news, independent media are being left to survive on their own in the face of hostility and a struggle for revenues.

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Reader-supported News in Europe

A panel of journalists from alternative left-wing media outlets across Europe discuss trails and successes in today’s challenging media landscape.

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Connecting Europe: The Calling of Trans-European Media

In a Europe threatened with rising nationalism, trans-European media could present a way to connect people across borders and language barriers.

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A Green Angle on the Need for a Language Vault

2018 saw records of now-lost languages destroyed by fire in Brazil. Could a global vault prevent a similar disaster from happening again?

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Link Taxes and Upload Filters Will Not Fix the Internet

An interview with the Pirate MEP on what Article 11 and 13 of the EU’s proposed copyright directive could mean for internet freedom.

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Recreating Europe: Culture Returns to the EU Stage

The EU is looking to culture as a means to bolster European identity and integration.

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A narrative to combat, and eliminate, the terrorist threat

Terrorism cannot just be policed away. Preventing attacks requires a sustained social project to build a resilient and inclusive society.

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Turkey: Elections in a Fake News Climate

Analysis of the run-up to the June 24 elections in Turkey in a media landscape plagued by repression of dissent, fake news, and suspicion from all sides.

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Let the Machine Do It

Advances in labour-saving technology promise to radically restructure the labour market. The political challenge is to ensure the benefits are shared by all.

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Automation – The Final Frontier?

What might self-driving cars, robotisation, and the so-called ‘internet of things’ mean for society, and how are political forces reacting?

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