Imagining a Virtuous Break with the Modern Age

Abundance and Freedom by Pierre Charbonnier is an environmental history of ideas that links changing patterns in land use to political thought as it developed in the modern era.

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Why Technology Divides the Green Movement

From policy matters to debates over strategy, this divide shapes political visions with the green camp and beyond. In order to navigate it, its roots must first be understood.

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EuropaCity: a “Hyper-place” for a Globalised Europe?

This gargantuan project has aroused public enthusiasm and anger in equal measure, and continues to hold lessons for understanding people’s relationships with cities.

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Green Space in the History of Political Ideas

Liberalism, conservatism and socialism have long been seen as the dominant political paradigms of modernity. But these centuries-old frameworks are no longer unchallenged.

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Populism, Sustainability, Democracy

Before investing excessive hope in radical participatory solutions we need to re-examine established beliefs about democracy and sustainability and their mutual relationship.

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