There Is Life in the Party Yet

An interview on the critical infrastructure on which our democracies are built and its transformation.

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Save the Facts: Journalism as a Weapon against Disinformation

Social media platforms have created a situation where extreme views are amplified and facts are secondary.

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“We need public financing of democracy”

The deep cracks unveiled by the yellow jacket protests in France reflect democratic institutions that have been steadily undermined. Julia Cagé discusses what it might take to fix them.

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Europe’s Broken Media Business Model

With accessible, quality information ever harder to come by, we look at the trends transforming the European media landscape today and the implications for democracy.

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Resisting Surveillance

The Harvard Business School Professor Emerita discusses the large-scale rollout of surveillance capitalism and the challenges this poses to democracy.

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In Search of a Digital Arcadia

The internet of today is far from the digital promised land first imagined by cyber utopians. Geopolitics will play a defining role in shaping its future.

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Fighting ‘Fake News’ and Data Misuse In the EU – A Missed Opportunity?

An examination of the politics behind steps to regulate online hate speech, misinformation, and data privacy in the EU.

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Turkey: A concrete jungle where the truth is made up

With bans on social media and recent arrests of journalists, press freedom seems to be under more pressure than ever in Turkey. The recent case of Frederike Geerdnik illustrates the precarious situation of those working in the media.

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Tweets and streets: rare flowers of history

In the protest movements that have emerged since the financial crisis, from Occupy in the US to the Arab Spring, social media has gained new significance as a method of communication, both between activists and as a means of bringing the message to the rest of the world. The protests which took hold in Turkey last year were no exception – but how has the situation developed since then, and how have the authorities responded?

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