After the Invasion: Germany Re-enters History

An analysis of Germany’s foreign and security policy and how it is changing as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Where Are the Ukrainian Women?

Gendered narratives overlook the vital role women are playing in the resistance to the war.

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The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine

A silent casualty of the indiscriminate Russian shelling of Ukraine is the environment, unleashing long-term threats to public health.

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The War in Ukraine is Part of the Soviet Empire’s Unravelling

A reading of the war in Ukraine without historical context, geopolitical actors, and protests across the region misses the point.

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“Sanctioning oil and gas will become critical”: What the War in Ukraine Means for the EU

The invasion of Ukraine looks set to mark a turning point for EU policy on energy, defence, and security.

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Russia’s Partnership with China is the Sign of a New World

Since Russia has been looking east to lessen its dependence on the West, how much will EU and US sanctions hurt?

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Beyond the Brink: Understanding Europe’s New War

How can we make sense of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

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“This has the hallmarks of Afghanistan in 1979 or Iraq in 2003”

We spoke to a Russia expert about Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine and what comes next.

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Editorial: The Invasion of Ukraine is a Wake-up Call

Solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the face of foreign invasion must guide the response.

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Europe’s Energy Transition: Ukraine’s Salvation?

Thomas Laffitte looks at the politics of oil and gas, nuclear power and renewables and what they mean for Ukraine and its future.

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