Towards a Spanish Green Hegemony

A series of crises in recent years have made instability the political norm in Spain. How has political ecology fared through these developments and what opportunities lie ahead?

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An Eco-Social Perspective on Transhumanism

Tracing the rise of transhumanism, the techno-utopian philosophy that provides no answer to social and environmental crisis.

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Green Space in the History of Political Ideas

Liberalism, conservatism and socialism have long been seen as the dominant political paradigms of modernity. But these centuries-old frameworks are no longer unchallenged. Environmentalism, in the broad sense, draws from all three and yet offers a distinct, universal political outlook that responds to fundamental problems of (post-)industrial society.

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Two Years to Save the Climate

Could reframing the climate challenge around near-future targets be a way out?

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Questioning the Centrality of Work with André Gorz

Françoise Gollain draws on the work of André Gorz, a key thinker of political ecology, to reflect on the meaning of ‘work’ and its centrality in society.

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“Our World Can be Different if We Are Not Indifferent”

Inspiration from beyond Europe, from Rajagopal, renowned Indian activist who is planning a protest walk from Delhi to Geneva.

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Reaching an Open Society: An Interview with Yannick Jadot

With France’s presidential election just months away – what role is there for political ecology to play?

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Harvesting Change: a New Green Political Force in Lithuania

An interview with Tomas Tomilinas, MP with the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union who gained a landslide victory last year.

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Global Greens: 15 Year Anniversary

Fifteen years ago, in April 2001, an unexpected event took place in Canberra, Australia, that would change the scene of international political organisations. A significant number of environmentalists came with a single objective: to found a global Green movement that brings together all the Green parties and political movements of the Green world.

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TTIP in Green: Free Trade for Ostensibly Eco-goods

As the TTIP negotiations between the EU and US continue, another equally sinister force is currently under construction: the Environmental Goods Act (EGA). Both are conducted in secret, and we should not allow the controversy of the former to distract us too much from the great greenwash of the latter.

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