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Belgium and its Green Parties at the Crossroads

A month on from the national, regional and EU elections in Belgium and the dust is still settling. How did the Greens fare and what possibilities lie ahead?

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Less Fear, More Participation

How one area of Brussels is opening up city government with participatory democracy and driving forward the green transition.

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Imagining Climate Futures

Surrounded by water, the Dutch city of Dordrecht’s future is rendered uncertain by climate change. Research turned to stakeholders to map out four possible scenarios for the city.

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Poland’s Futures: A View from the Countryside

Poland’s cities are emptying as those who can move out for the peace and quiet of a country life. What does a strained relationship between city and country spell for Poland’s future?

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Delivering Green Mobility in 2049

The shift to a future green transport system offers huge benefits for citizens and environment alike, but requires deep transformation.

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Laying the Foundations for Progressive Change – the Polish Greens After Local Elections

The Polish Green co-chair reflects on the local elections ahead of 2019, a year of many elections in Poland.

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Solidarity and Democracy in the City

Change in Poland today is part of a broader global transformation, and one which sees a deep urban-rural divide. What role can cities play in stopping the authoritarian populist wave?

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The New Urban Crisis: Beyond the Superstar City

Richard Florida’s critical assessment of inequality within and between cities diagnoses the problem, but fails to offer real answers.

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Putting Warsaw On Track – State of Play Before the Polish Elections

Warsaw mayoral candidate Jan Śpiewak discusses the ways Poland’s capital needs to change.

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The New Urban Crisis: A Manifesto For the Status Quo

Growing inequality has become a hallmark of many cities. For this reviewer, Richard Florida’s latest book is a worrying prescription for more of the same.

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