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Big Fish, Little Fish: The Struggles of Poland’s Small Towns

Staggering inequality marks Poland’s small towns from its big cities – but some towns are demonstrating trailblazing innovative and transformative solutions.

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Beyond Opposition – How to Break Conservative Rule in Poland

Despite mass protests, Poland’s ruling party retains its popularity and grip on power. How can its dominance be countered?

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“Let’s Not Leave Emotion to the Populists!”

How is Poland’s ruling party managing to retain popularity despite mass protests, and how can its progressive parties learn to tap into people’s emotions?

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Poles Apart

Despite provoking huge protests in recent years, Poland’s right-wing government does well in the polls – how can we account for this? Where is its liberal opposition and Brussels going wrong?

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Deals with Dinosaurs: the DUP

The UK election result forced the Conservative Party into a deal with a little-known Northern Irish party – who are they? A comparative look with Poland.

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The Baltic Sea Region: “A Tradition of Mistrust” Returns

The Baltic Sea region is a precarious and sensitive area – and increasingly so due to the competing influences and power games playing out between various actors in the region.

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Poland: a Vicious Cycle of Disdain

Poland’s increasingly polarised political discourse, an increasing state grip on the media, and how to break the pattern.

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Cry Me a River: Poland’s Threatened Waterways

The Polish government’s plans for Poland’s rivers would be disastrous – instead, control should be handed to communities.

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Polish Women’s ‘Black Protest’ – a Model of Successful Campaigning for Women on the Other side of Europe?

A look at both Poland and Ireland’s policies and recent movements regarding abortion.

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A Discussion with the Polish Greens on Abortion and Women’s Rights

Leader of the Polish Greens, Małgorzata Tracz, talks to Eliana Capretti from the European Green Party about the ‘Black Monday’ protests and the fight for abortion rights in Poland.

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