Beyond Coal by 2030

An interview on struggling for a coal phase-out by 2030, a just transition for workers, and on why gender is relevant to the COP climate talks.

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From Coal to Climate Action: Energy Transition In Poland

Green energy transition is essential in Poland, but an increasingly polarised political landscape presents a challenge. An interview with Miłka Stępień.

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Laying the Foundations for Progressive Change – the Polish Greens After Local Elections

The Polish Green co-chair reflects on the local elections ahead of 2019, a year of many elections in Poland.

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Solidarity and Democracy in the City

Change in Poland today is part of a broader global transformation, and one which sees a deep urban-rural divide. What role can cities play in stopping the authoritarian populist wave?

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From Energy Education to Clean Air: Holistic Policies in Action

Investments in energy efficiency would tackle smog in Poland, but education is key to their success.

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Climate Protection in Local Communities: the Polish Example

In local climate strategies in Poland, energy poverty and smog are key issues.

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Putting Warsaw On Track – State of Play Before the Polish Elections

Warsaw mayoral candidate Jan Śpiewak discusses the ways Poland’s capital needs to change.

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On the Move: Experiences of Migration from Poland

An interview on the evolving experiences of Polish migrants and the political currents which underpin them.

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Big Fish, Little Fish: The Struggles of Poland’s Small Towns

Staggering inequality marks Poland’s small towns from its big cities – but some towns are demonstrating trailblazing innovative and transformative solutions.

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Beyond Opposition – How to Break Conservative Rule in Poland

Feminist and Green activist Aleksandra Kołeczek argues that to successfully challenge the Law and Justice Party’s grip on power, political opposition in Poland must develop an alternative vision and a fresh strategy.

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