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Renewables in the Energy Security Landscape in Poland and Ukraine

In the long run, the transition to renewable energy may prove key to breaking Poland and Ukraine’s dependency on Russian gas.

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The Nature of Green Populism?

From Nigel Farage’s Great British Countryside to the fields of Bavaria, what role does the environment play in far-right discourse?

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Europe’s problem is not (just) Germany

Germany should not be criticised for pushing other EU countries to stick to agreed rules and reforms. However, it should also be prepared to do so as well.

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Surviving the storm: liberal democracy in times of change

A shared republican understanding of democracy could offer a way out from the dead ends of ethnic nationalism and identity politics.

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‘What we have achieved has to become the benchmark’ – Interview with Reinhard Bütikofer

Why the Jamaica coalitions talks with Merkel failed and where things will go from here.

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‘Now we have to see where viable bridges can be built’ – Interview with Reinhard Bütikofer

Last November, we spoke with German MEP Reinhard Bütikofer on the Jamaica coalition talks.

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Think Global, Act Local: The Role of Regional Actors in Climate Protection

One state in Germany- alongside many in the US – is showing that sub-national actors can take a lead in protecting the climate.

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“Social justice for all? That’s like Harry Potter on TV on a saturday night”

We talked strategy & political reality with Robert Habeck, who led the German Greens in their strongest state result this year.

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Germany’s Populists Win Discourses, Not Elections

Is right-wing populism really on its way out – or is it seeping into the mainstream? How can it be countered? An analysis in the wake of the upcoming elections.

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Pairing up to Repair Europe: France and Germany

France & Germany make up the motor of Europe and partly determine its future, but what are their cooperation prospects in the face of 2017 elections?

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