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Surviving the storm: liberal democracy in times of change

A shared republican understanding of democracy could offer a way out from the dead ends of ethnic nationalism and identity politics.

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‘What we have achieved has to become the benchmark’ – Interview with Reinhard Bütikofer

Why the Jamaica coalitions talks with Merkel failed and where things will go from here.

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‘Now we have to see where viable bridges can be built’ – Interview with Reinhard Bütikofer

Last November, we spoke with German MEP Reinhard Bütikofer on the Jamaica coalition talks.

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Think Global, Act Local: The Role of Regional Actors in Climate Protection

One state in Germany- alongside many in the US – is showing that sub-national actors can take a lead in protecting the climate.

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“Social justice for all? That’s like Harry Potter on TV on a saturday night”

We talked strategy & political reality with Robert Habeck, who led the German Greens in their strongest state result this year.

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Germany’s Populists Win Discourses, Not Elections

Is right-wing populism really on its way out – or is it seeping into the mainstream? How can it be countered? An analysis in the wake of the upcoming elections.

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Pairing up to Repair Europe: France and Germany

France & Germany make up the motor of Europe and partly determine its future, but what are their cooperation prospects in the face of 2017 elections?

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Transatlantic Relations: Germany, Europe, and the US

How will the Trump administration’s policies influence EU defense, integration and upcoming elections, notably in Germany?

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In Good Company: The German Energy Transition and its Echo in France

France & Germany historically represented two different approaches to producing energy – are they growing closer?

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The Baltic Sea Region: “A Tradition of Mistrust” Returns

The Baltic Sea region is a precarious and sensitive area – and increasingly so due to the competing influences and power games playing out between various actors in the region.

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