Elinor Ostrom: The Case for a Messy Federalism

In studying real-world alternatives to state control and organisation via the market, Elinor Ostrom urges us to expand the notion of what democracy means.

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Post-Covid Economy Beyond Capitalism

A plea for an economy in which the market is once again embedded in the community.

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Solidarity Economy & the Commons in Central & Eastern Europe

Takeaways from the international solidarity economy wave are relevant for Central and Eastern Europe, but they must take into account local context.

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A Fair Share: Reclaiming the Commons with Basic Income

Drawing on the experience of the Alaskan oil fund, this interview unpicks the links between basic income and ecological sustainability.

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Our Sustainability is Someone Else’s Disaster: Cities and the Environment

Are smart techno-managerial solutions the perfect alibi for resource extraction and inequality in our cities? We talked to author and academic Maria Kaika about the way that green technology so-called solutions are sometimes anything but, and can displace real action.

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The City Taking the Commons to Heart

Ghent is the first city in the world to enjoy a commons expert to enshrine cooperation and communal ownership into its very structures.

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Forging a Connection Between Local and Global Commons

Who does the ocean or the moon belong to? An interview about the legal power of ‘the common heritage of mankind’ concept.

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Collaboration is Just a Strategy – Overcoming the Limits of the Commons

Although the commons are no silver bullet solution to society’s ills, combined with the common good and other alternative models they can form the basis of a fairer and more sustainable economic order.

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Cosmic Bonanza – Mining in Outer Space

As some of Earth’s resources risk being depleted, could outer space become a source of raw materials in the future?

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Nassonia Forest: Into the Common Wild

The Nassonia project in Belgium could be a leading light in common ownership and governance – with a few changes.

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