Czech Greens: Campaigning to Win the Argument

As the October 2021 elections loomed, we asked Green party co-chair Michal Berg how the Greens hope to shape the debate.

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“Green Policies Are About Our Entire Way of Life”

Spanish MP Inés Sabanés on the country’s unstable politics and the need to re-politicise everyday life.

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Spain’s VOX Party and the Rise of International Environmental Populism

With projections of climate science now indisputable, many of Europe’s right-wing populist parties are abandoning responses of dismissal and denial in favour of a very different approach. The threat of climate change is increasingly appropriated and reframed to suit a nationalist political agenda.

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The Romanian Protest Wave: A Path to a New Political Era?

The actions of citizens taking to the streets to call for political change have had a defining impact on Romania’s recent history and continue to shape its politics.

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Everyone’s Problem: Tackling Air Pollution in Europe’s Cities

Reducing air pollution is vital to protect public health and meet climate targets. Yet policy and action in this area often falls short.

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Ecocide: Towards International Recognition

The fight to have ecocide recognised as a crime against humanity is finally yielding results in international law, but enforcement and proportionality remain uncertain.

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The Green Surge in the French Locals Explained

The challenge for Greens is to consolidate their credibility by building successful green-left alliances and bridging the ecological and the social so as to leave none behind.

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Facing Megafires: Forests as Commons

Uncontrollable fires rage across the world. What does it mean to live in the Pyrocene epoch?

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Why We Need a Decolonial Ecology

Environmental destruction is inseparable from relationships of racial and colonial domination.

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Where is China Heading on Climate?

China’s projected image of ambitious climate actor is contradicted by fossil fuel investments abroad and its prioritisation of economic growth.

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