Facing Our Future

Time is running out, but political ecology has the answers. A different world, a good life for all.

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Investing in the Future: Why Europe Needs a Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a vision for social and environmental transformation. What would it mean to have one in Europe?

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The Éric Piolle Effect: Grenoble’s Green Transition

Grenoble is looking to the future, hoping to keep its place among green cities.

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“Australia will never be the same again”

Australia is one of the countries most affected by climate change, and yet it is also one of the worst-performing countries when it comes to climate action.

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Europe Ecologie Les Verts after the EU elections: Do or Die

After its success at the 2019 European elections, can the French Greens break their pattern of constantly rising and falling green waves?

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The Austrian Greens Make Their Comeback

From appealing across the rural-urban divide to new electoral coalitions, the lessons from Austria’s election are relevant for green and progressive parties all over Europe.

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The Children Who Accuse Us

Inside the climate movement, journalist Rosalie Salaün talks to young activists to understand what is driving them and where their politics is going.

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Green is the New Normal in German Politics

With the Greens polling at a record high while the traditional parties seemingly run out of road, what are the factors underpinning the recent success of political ecology in Germany?

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Where Next for the French Greens?

In a France dominated by leaders without movements and rocked by movements without leaders, can political ecology build on EU election success to help fix the crisis of representation?

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Towards a Spanish Green Hegemony

A series of crises in recent years have made instability the political norm in Spain. Ahead of the general election in November, we ask how political ecology has fared through these developments and what opportunities lie ahead.

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