Governments Can’t Run Out of Their Own Money

How Modern Monetary Theory could completely change the way governments operate.

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The Doughnut Model for a Fairer, Greener Amsterdam

As Brussels prepares to reform its economy on the basis of the doughnut model, Amsterdam is already taking the leap with its circular economy strategy.

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How the Pandemic Has Hit Plastics Recycling

As the Covid-19 crisis saw the price of oil plummet, consequences for plastic recycling – and more broadly the transition to a circular economy – may be grave.

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What to Wear? Why Fast Fashion Is Costing the Earth

A report from Finland on textiles and the clothing industry’s future in a circular economy.

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The UK Plastic Crisis Unwrapped

Public momentum to tackle plastic waste is strong in the UK, but political barriers stall further progress.

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The Road to the New Plastics Economy: Complexity Ahead

The EU is taking small steps to combatting plastic pollution, yet truly changing our relationship with plastic calls for rethinking consumption-based growth.

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Beyond Recycling: Rethinking Plastic From the Ground Up

An interview with plastic waste campaigners who call for curbs on plastic production to effectively contain plastic pollution at source.

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The politics of sufficiency: A new approach to ecological production

The ecological production project of the Green European Foundation (ECOPRO) centralises its focus on the development of sustainable green technologies in a post-growth society.

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