Beyond the Growth Imperative

What does environmental economist Tim Jackson’s latest book, Post Growth, have to say about breaking the growth chokehold?

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Threads of Political Ecology: A Review

A selection mapping some of the major currents that have shaped political ecology in recent years and which continue to do so.

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Massive, Loud and Uncompromising: Greta Thunberg in the Czech Republic

Greta has forced the change up the Czech political agenda. But how the debate will change the country’s path is still uncertain.

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From Global Tax Dodging to Worldwide Wellbeing

This imagined news article describes a Europe where revenues recuperated from tax evasion and avoidance are invested back into wellbeing for the benefit of society and the environment.

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Ending the EU’s Growth Mantra

An interview with European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager on whether the time has come to leave growth behind.

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Prosperity without Growth: Economics in the Service of a Good Life for All

A review of the new edition – revised and expanded – of one of political ecology’s recent classics by Tim Jackson.

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Brexit: a Scene from the Anthropocene

Slightly over two months ago, the ‘Brexit’ vote took place, leaving a lot of us in horror, lethargy, or at least confusion. If our confusion has receded as time has gone by, it is because we have become used to this new reality, not because it started making sense.

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The Malaise of the Old Left Represents an Opportunity for Degrowth

These days, the degrowth movement is not interested in provocation anymore. Instead it wants to stimulate discussions amongst the people who believe that it is possible to decolonise our minds. Vincent Liegey, the coordinator of the latest Degrowth Conference says that the movement’s impact is already visible in many party programmes

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Piketty’s Missing Ecological Link

While providing valuable insights about the development of our economic system over time, Thomas Piketty’s work on capital suffers from a critical flaw: like so many economic frameworks, it ignores the limits of the finite resources of our planet – the fact that our ecological capital is rapidly running out. A new unit of measurement which takes this into account is urgently needed.

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Just How Much Will it Take to Save Europe?

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s investment plan to kickstart the European economy proposes solutions based on the outdated assumption that growth in terms of construction of large infrastructure projects is the way forward. A more imaginative approach would be to look beyond this, and to put welfare and sustainability at the core of an ambitious long-term plan, which could make Europe’s economic future seem much more bright.

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