A Shapeshifting Movement

Ne davimo Beograd was born in the streets of the Serbian capital but hopes to win over voters across the country in the future.

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The Romanian Protest Wave: A Path to a New Political Era?

The actions of citizens taking to the streets to call for political change have had a defining impact on Romania’s recent history and continue to shape its politics.

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Resettling Villages, Unsettling Lives

Villagers have mobilised to fight both for their homes and for more ambition in German energy policy.

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The Climate Justice Movement in the Czech Republic Has Broken the Silence. Now What?

Now that the issue of climate has entered the Czech public debate, how can progressives push for a paradigm shift in energy policy?

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Dirty Rare Metals: Digging Deeper into the Energy Transition

While green tech promises to save the planet through connectivity, the digital economy’s material demands are increasingly unsustainable.

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The (Sustainable) Energy of Despair: A Review of Guillaume Pitron’s Book

Despite optimistic belief, technology is no panacea for Earth’s crisis. A review of Guillaume Pitron’s The Rare Metals War.

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Cosmic Bonanza – Mining in Outer Space

As some of Earth’s resources risk being depleted, could outer space become a source of raw materials in the future?

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Gold’s Hidden Climate Footprint

The case of the small village of Trun in Bulgaria – threatened by a new gold-mining project – is a stark illustration of how the interests of biodiversity, nature and ordinary people living in the area can simply be dismissed. A proliferation of such projects could have a serious impact on the ecology of the entire region, as well as contributing to a global impact on the climate.

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Warding Off the curse of Raw Materials

In developing countries raw materials more often lead to inequality and conflict rather than prosperity and peace. But for most countries leaving the riches in the soil is not an option. What is needed for the fair mining of natural riches?

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There is no Planet B

International environmental policies focus on safeguarding renewable natural resources. Little attention, however, is paid, to the much more difficult problem of non-renewable natural resources, such as metallic ores and phosphate. A survey of the dilemmas.

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