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Taru Anttonen

Taru Anttonen works as a researcher and coordinator in the Think Tank Visio, which is a small green think tank related to the Finnish Green Party. Previously she worked as the Secretary General of Naisasialiitto Unioni (Feminist Association Union) and as the educational coordinator in the Green Educational and Cultural Centre in Finland. She studied sociology (M.Soc.Sci) in the University of Eastern Finland (UEF).


Työttömyys, takuueläke ja yksinäisyys – Köyhyys koskettaa miehiä ja naisia eri tavoilla

Vihreä Tuuma selvitti suomalaista köyhyyttä sukupuolinäkökulmasta. Millaista on suomalainen köyhyys sukupuolittain, entä millaisia ratkaisuja köyhyyden torjunnassa tarvitaan eri ryhmille?

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Unemployment, Pensions, Loneliness – Poverty Treats Men and Women Differently

Looking at food banks and poverty in Finland with a gendered lens can yield insights into its causes and solutions.

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Green Observatory: Brexit

The Green Observatory provides a round-up of perspectives on a current political issue from the Green European Journal’s partners around Europe. This first edition focuses its lens on Brexit: how is the referendum on UK membership being discussed in different countries? And what could be the potential consequences on the ground in the case of a vote to leave the EU?

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