The Environmental Cost of the War in Ukraine

A silent casualty of the indiscriminate Russian shelling of Ukraine is the environment, unleashing long-term threats to public health.

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To Save the Planet, Forget about the Globe

To achieve true environmental justice, we need to rethink our relationship with the planet and those we share it with.

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Roots in Nature: The Pathogen and the Politics of Biodiversity

Biodiversity has not full broken onto the political agenda even though its mismanagement drive pandemics and disease outbreaks.

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Connecting Health and Environment with an Agroecological Europe

An agroecological Europe could be the answer to a food system that’s bad for our health and damaging to our environment.

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How the Pandemic Has Hit Plastics Recycling

As the Covid-19 crisis saw the price of oil plummet, consequences for plastic recycling – and more broadly the transition to a circular economy – may be grave.

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Agroecology as the Answer to Global Food and Climate Crises

The moment is now to redefine our food systems around principles of sustainability and justice.

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Can Europe’s farmland support biodiversity?

LIFE projects in the Netherlands offer pointers on how public policy can redress the balance between farming and biodiversity.

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Food Production in Europe: Time to Look Ahead

Food policy isn’t working. Does the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) address the problems, or can agroecology provide the answers?

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Sowing the Seeds of Resistance

Benjamin Joyeux interviews Indian activist Vandana Shiva about biodiversity, seed patents, and the commons.

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TTIP: We Were Right All Along

Viewed with suspicion, TTIP hangs over us like a dark cloud. Deemed as a threat to social rights, welfare, the environment and constitutional sovereignty, a civil society resistance movement continues to gain traction. In light of a recent leak by Greenpeace Netherlands further exposing these threats, it is time now to reassess the state of play.

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