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The Economics of Fear: How Orbán Profits from Insecurities

By playing upon fears linked to social insecurities and loss of national identity, as well as threats to national security, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán seeks to position himself as the sole protector of his nation.

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Radicalisation in Isolation: The Success of the Dutch Freedom Party

Is the Freedom Party a prime example of the rise of far-right populism around Europe? Or are things more complicated?

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Populism, Nationalism, and Transnationalism

An interview with Benjamin de Cleen on nationalism versus populism in Europe, the Flemish far-right, and the limits of the cordon sanitaire.

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The Nordic Countries Would Gain from Welcoming Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Since 2015, more than one million asylum seekers have entered Europe. Of these, roughly 250,000 have come to the Nordic countries, prompting them to reassess their immigration systems and services.

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Border Surveillance, Digital Counter-Movements and the Politics of (In-)Visibility

We find ourselves living in a society where increasingly our actions and our right to freedom of cross-border movements – or lack thereof – are being constantly monitored, both physically and digitally. But as we enter the surveillance age, forms of digital civil disobedience are fighting to go beyond these new borders and to protect our scrutinised values and movements, and our right to privacy.

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Slovakia After Elections: Back to Normal?

With the new government in place, everything is seemingly returning back to normal. Or is it? Two weeks after the Slovakian general elections, which stirred great European interest, Robert Fico forms his third government and is preparing to rule for another four more years…

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What do the German State Elections Tell Us About the State of the Country’s Parties?

German state elections held on 13th March produced significant levels of support for the Alternative for Germany (AfD), but where does the German party system stand overall after the elections?

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Political Courage Can Work Miracles: The Retreat of the Left on Migration

The political Left in Europe appears to have given up on trying to put forward a positive picture of migration.

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The Only Mobility is Downward Mobility – How the Far Right Exploits Societies’ Deepest Fears

The left is ideologically exhausted. But this is just as true for the right, no matter where you’re looking, whether it’s at the buzzwords of the FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria), at UKIP, the Front National or the radical-primitive opposition of the Tea Party in the United States.

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Integration of Migrants – Ideas and Perspectives from Hungary

Hungary has become an interesting test case for integration and migration policies especially with regard to co-ethnic immigration (those of Hungarian descent born in other countries) and of course the migration of people from other EU countries. This complex relationship is not without lessons on exclusion and inclusion.

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