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The Right Match: Finding Work in a Flexible Future

Flexibility: one person’s freedom and another’s insecurity. Dutch GroenLinks MEP Bas Eickhout and recruitment expert Robby Vanuxem discuss contemporary changes and challenges in the world of work.

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Tax havens must be closed, but not for the reasons you think

It’s not just about the tax havens, the state can do better than blaming tax evasion for poor public services.

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The Reforms that Europe Doesn’t Need

European progressives must prevent Macron and others’ efforts to increase the extent of the EU’s fiscal union, as these will only make Europe more undemocratic and neoliberal.

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Whose City is it Anyway? Reflections on Global Urban Dynamics

Sociologist Saskia Sassen talks about the role of cities in globalisation, and how citizens can reclaim the rapidly dwindling urban space.

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Trade and the Environment – Sworn Enemies?

International trade currently creates huge environmental damage and ‘ecological debt’ from certain countries to others. How can this be remedied?

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Selling its Future Competitiveness? Why Europe Needs to Screen Foreign Investments

Foreign investment into the EU often have political, as well as economic, motivations. Should the EU act on this?

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Collaboration is just a strategy – Overcoming the limits of the Commons

Although the commons are no silver bullet solution to society’s ills, combined with the common good and other alternative models they can form the basis of a fairer and more sustainable economic order.

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Taking Back Ownership – Transforming Capital into Commons

What are the different ways resources can be managed and what different outcomes does it lead to?

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Why Joseph Stiglitz is Wrong

Joseph Stiglitz, American economist and winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, has come out with a new book, The Euro : How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe. In recent weeks, Stiglitz has appeared in several features in the press (see especially here in the Financial Times or here in the Guardian), […]

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