Reshaping Globalisation with A Green Trade Strategy

Donald Trump’s trade wars have triggered a long-overdue discussion on the downsides of international trade. What is the green response?

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Dirty Rare Metals: Digging Deeper into the Energy Transition

While green tech promises to save the planet through connectivity, the digital economy’s material demands are increasingly unsustainable.

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China’s Policy of Influence Seeking in Europe

All eyes may be on Russia, but China’s subtle influence-seeking policy in Europe should not be overlooked.

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Car Wars: The Future of Europe’s Car Industry

The automotive industry is in store for drastic change in the next ten years as the car is practically being reinvented and Germany and China compete to develop electric car technology.

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Selling its Future Competitiveness? Why Europe Needs to Screen Foreign Investments

Foreign investment into the EU often have political, as well as economic, motivations. Should the EU act on this?

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The Deception of Privatisation in Greece

For decades, a wave of privatisation has been rolling across Europe, making many investors, banks and consultancies rich but making few citizens happy. The great neoliberal promise of privatised utility companies providing water, power and transport more cheaply to their customers has regularly been shown to be deception and even, in many cases, a lie.

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