Seeing Mobility in a New Light

Addressing challenges surrounding mobility today requires more than new infrastructure and regulations.

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Paris on Two Wheels: Leading the Race?

An ambitious policy to encourage cycling sparked by the pandemic has the potential to transform the French capital’s transport landscape.

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The Return of the Green New Deal: Ecosocialism in the USA

In the USA, the inequality and climate crises are increasingly seen as one and the same and the Left has seized on the Green New Deal as the answer.

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A Tailwind to Speed Up the Transport Transition

While citizens in Germany push for a transport policy which prioritises cyclists and pedestrians, not cars, progress remains slow. Why is the transition taking so long?

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Delivering Green Mobility in 2049

The shift to a future green transport system offers huge benefits for citizens and environment alike, but requires deep transformation.

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Europe’s Mobility Is About To Be Rewritten

An expert navigation through breakthrough technologies, environmental challenges and their implications for transport, uncovering the role of cities as laboratories for change.

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Connecting Eurasia: Europe and China in the 21st Century

Presenting “Schuman goes to China”, the cooperation on green tech, urban planning and big data that shaped the geopolitics of 2049.

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Will technology kill off the car society?

Profound change is coming in the transport sector, the rules of which are being rewritten by the digital revolution. Changes to the way we move around call into question models of ownership and the reign of the private car. We discuss these crucial developments with French Green MEP Karima Delli, President of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee.

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Taking on City Hall: The Challenges of Greening Prague

Greens in Prague must contend with developers and the region’s ambivalent history to push for a sustainable vision of the city, from transport to construction.

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Cry Me a River: Poland’s Threatened Waterways

The Polish government’s plans for Poland’s rivers would be disastrous – instead, control should be handed to communities.

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