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The troubling transformation of the EU

In its quest for competitiveness, the EU is becoming an increasingly coercive system, controlling members through a myriad of rules and mechanisms.

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The Order of Barcelona: Cities Without Fear

In Europe and beyond, municipalism, rooted in republicanism and enshrined in an ‘Order of Barcelona’ could help fight the ‘inertia of the nation-state’.

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France and Macron’s Europe

Green economist and philosopher Alain Lipietz explains the state of play in France and Macron’s vision for Europe. Is there space for pro-European progressive forces?

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A Never-Ending Accession Process? Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU

After 17 years the country’s attempt to join the EU is still beset by hurdles. It is crucial now to make a real effort.

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Notes From an Island: One Year on from the Brexit Referendum

One year on from the Brexit vote, Britain’s new role in the world, and in Europe, is taking shape – what will it look like?

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Caroline Lucas MP: ‘Missed opportunities’ by EU led to Brexit

An interview with Green Party of England & Wales co-leader & MP Caroline Lucas.

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The EU Needs Real Pan-European Politics to Survive

How to counter the problems of a ‘half-finished Europe’? Interview with Raphaël Glucksmann & Monica Frassoni.

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How the Commons can Revitalise Europe

How can the EU support the establishment of commons, which could in turn sustain the European project?

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Running Out of Time: Why Democratising Europe Cannot Wait

Between Brexit and the rise of illiberal democracies the pressure to reorient the European project has never been more intense.

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