The Rule of Law Compromise: The EU’s Gift to Autocrats

While it has been framed as a success, the EU budget deal represents an alarming blow to the European Commission’s power to uphold the rule of law.

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Looking to the Future: Public Health and a Green Recovery

We spoke to Petra De Sutter, Belgian deputy prime minister and minister for the civil service and public enterprises, about the future of health systems and European cooperation.

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Taking Back Control: The Future of Public Services

Contrary to decades of received wisdom, reversing privatisation can result in more accessible, accountable and cost-effective public services.

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Only Transnational Politics Can Break Europe’s Deadlock

Germany has shifted its position to unlock the route to an EU recovery fund. But Europe still needs a political alternative to inter-governmental deadlock.

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Resilience Under Shock: Time for a Paradigm Shift

Faced with the systemic shock of the coronavirus crisis, the guiding principle for recovery should be resilience.

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Notes from a New Europe

What if the Green Wave of 2019 kept on going? What if the Greens become a major player in political majorities?

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Who Needs 5G in Malta?

Writing from Malta, Michele Kipiel argues that a democratic debate over what 5G technology is for and who controls it is both vital and urgent.

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Bringing Europe Down to Earth

Bruno Latour emphasises the need for a politics of the living, that moves from this European-invented space to the tangible space that he calls “dwelling place”.

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Europe and the Western Balkans: Dull Reality and Unrealistic Expectations

An analysis of how and why the EU accession process for the Western Balkans seems to be going nowhere, and what this might mean for the region.

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The European Union, a New Basis for Common Security

Against a backdrop of increasing instability, the EU must define a common security and defence doctrine which confronts the question of nuclear deterrence to ensure its strategic autonomy.

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