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In Search of a Digital Arcadia

The internet of today is far from the digital promised land first imagined by cyber utopians. Geopolitics will play a defining role in shaping its future.

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A Lawless Zone: Surveillance Technologies and the Police

New surveillance technologies and AI are rapidly transforming policing, but what does this mean for civil liberties?

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Touchy about Technology: Jobs and the Challenge for the Left

Luxemburgish Socialist MEP Mady Delvaux-Stehres discusses how we can place technology at the service of workers, social cohesion, and the fight against inequality.

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Who’s in Charge Here? Humans in a Robot World

The newest technological revolution is bringing tectonic change to society. Will we wind up working for robots?

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Lost in the numbers: the missing politics of big data

Big data: omnipresent but mostly invisible. How can politics catch up with Silicon Valley and get a grip on our information?

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Car Wars: The Future of Europe’s Car Industry

The automotive industry is in store for drastic change in the next ten years as the car is practically being reinvented and Germany and China compete to develop electric car technology.

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Technology is No Guarantee of Equality

Algorithms – hard to understand but hugely influential in our political and social lives. How do they exert such power, and what are the stakes?

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To Fear or Not to Fear the Robot

Most politicians turn a blind eye but it has never been more crucial – how can we prepare for artificial intelligence’s increasing power and role in our lives?

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Job-Robbing Robots

The impact of robotisation and artificial intelligence on jobs and work will be huge, so why are politicians not talking about, let alone planning for, it? How can we intelligently prepare for artificial intelligence?

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Green Observatory: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Green Observatory provides a round-up of what’s happening in Europe on a particular topic. We ask experts and politicians about the positions and actions of their country and the Green party. This month: artificial intelligence and robotics.

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