Belgium and its Green Parties at the Crossroads

A month on from the national, regional and EU elections in Belgium and the dust is still settling. How did the Greens fare and what possibilities lie ahead?

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Less Fear, More Participation

How one area of Brussels is opening up city government with participatory democracy and driving forward the green transition.

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A New Social Contract for the 21st Century

From climate change to robotisation, the challenges of the 21st century call for a new model of democracy. Dirk Holemans explores what a new social contract might look like.

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Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow’s Agriculture

An agricultural specialist reports on the ground with the Belgian farmers adopting agroecology, the sustainable techniques that let nature do the work.

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The Common Agricultural Policy: Promoting the ‘Polluter Gets Paid’ Principle

A new investigation exposes how the CAP provides financial incentives for polluting farms to pursue harmful practices.

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The City Taking the Commons to Heart

Ghent is the first city in the world to enjoy a commons expert to enshrine cooperation and communal ownership into its very structures.

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‘Ugly Bruxy’ or Bruxelles ‘Re-belle’?

Brussels can teach us a lot about city politics and urban planning. Today, citizen movements and progressive forces, including Green parties, are changing the city.

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