Vehicles for Integration or Places of Exclusion? Migration and Asylum in Europe’s Schools

Francesca Spinelli on why a welcoming and inclusive society starts at school.

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Decolonising the Classroom: Reforming Education for an Anti-Racist Society

Brussels MP Kalvin Soiresse Njall on the campaign to reconcile Belgian public memory with the lasting legacy of European colonialism.

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“The Electoral Cycle is Too Short for Real Political Change”

We asked Mohssin El Ghabri how ECOLO is navigating the current Belgian context and the party’s political ambitions.

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How Greens in Government Are Tackling Homelessness

Greens are driving responses to homelessness but the pandemic and the lack of support from governments threaten to set back these efforts.

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The Wild World of Belgian Politics

Understanding where Belgium’s two Green parties, Groen and Ecolo, sit in a divided political landscape. Part of our four-part “Green Wave” series.

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Belgium and its Green Parties at the Crossroads

A month on from the national, regional and EU elections in Belgium and the dust is still settling. How did the Greens fare and what possibilities lie ahead?

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Less Fear, More Participation

How one area of Brussels is opening up city government with participatory democracy and driving forward the green transition.

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A New Social Contract for the 21st Century

From climate change to robotisation, the challenges of the 21st century call for a new model of democracy. Dirk Holemans explores what a new social contract might look like.

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Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow’s Agriculture

An agricultural specialist reports on the ground with the Belgian farmers adopting agroecology, the sustainable techniques that let nature do the work.

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