More Harm than Good: The Misuse of European Biodiversity Funds

The case of a small town in Lithuania shows how funding earmarked for the protection of biodiversity is being used in ways that undermine this goal.

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“No Good Choices Left”: Our Dilemma Under a White Sky

After her Pulitzer-winning The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert’s new book, Under a White Sky, describes the world of “techno-fixes” to the damage we have inflicted on nature.

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Capital Versus Biosphere: An Eco-social Agenda Fit for the Times

For a Covid-19 recovery that addresses both present and future needs, Europe will need to prioritise three key elements.

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Roots in Nature: The Pathogen and the Politics of Biodiversity

Biodiversity has not full broken onto the political agenda even though its mismanagement drive pandemics and disease outbreaks.

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Agroecology as the Answer to Global Food and Climate Crises

The moment is now to redefine our food systems around principles of sustainability and justice.

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Facing Megafires: Forests as Commons

Uncontrollable fires rage across the world. What does it mean to live in the Pyrocene epoch?

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All Ground Is Fertile Ground: Attitudes to Ecology across Europe

Selected infographics offer a data-driven snapshot of ecological perceptions and realities and across Europe.

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Can Europe’s farmland support biodiversity?

LIFE projects in the Netherlands offer pointers on how public policy can redress the balance between farming and biodiversity.

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Time to Rebel: Civil Disobedience for the Planet

A discussion with the Extinction Rebellion activist on the international climate group’s disruptive tactics in London and their demands for climate action.

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The Roof Is on Fire: How Europe Can Save the Planet

WWF Germany’s Michael Schäfer explains what is at stake in the European elections from an environmental and biodiversity perspective.

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