Imagining Climate Futures

Surrounded by water, the Dutch city of Dordrecht’s future is rendered uncertain by climate change. Research turned to stakeholders to map out four possible scenarios for the city.

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The IPCC Report and Its Political Implications

As we approach the early December COP climate summit, Bert Metz explains what the recent IPCC report on global warming means for the planet, the economy and for Europe.

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Vattenfall: The Downfall of the European Greens?

The Swedish power company Vattenfall, its mining activities and its impact throughout Europe – especially in Germany – illustrates the need for Greens to Europeanise their battles and their cooperation. Environmental protection and cross-national cooperation are two values that European Greens pride themselves on upholding. Vattenfall is and should be a test case for European Greens.

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Naomi Klein’s Lessons for the Green Movement

If the Green movement is to change the status quo, it will have to change too. The interrelationship between the plundering of the earth and the exploitation of people requires a much more principled and more consistent struggle against the capitalist system than we have seen in recent decades.

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