European Fiscal Rules for a New Era

Sebastian Mang calls for a reform of European macroeconomic governance that empowers states to contend with current crises.

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Investing in the Green Transition Is the Solution to Today’s Economic Crisis

After years of loose monetary policy, central banks are changing tack. But using the levers of the financial system to fight inflation risks cutting climate investment just as we need it most.

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Governments Can’t Run Out of Their Own Money

How Modern Monetary Theory could completely change the way governments operate.

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Between Common Currency and Common Values

Short-term fixes in times of crisis are no longer enough if the Eurozone is the key to an ever closer union.

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How Basic Income Entered the Mainstream

A look at basic income’s enduring merits through the eyes of one of its ardent advocates, Malcolm Torry.

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The End of Neoliberal Ideology

Neoliberalism is failing to meet the crises of our time. What in its worldview, social and ecological consequences call for putting it to rest?

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Only Transnational Politics Can Break Europe’s Deadlock

Germany has shifted its position to unlock the route to an EU recovery fund. But Europe still needs a political alternative to inter-governmental deadlock.

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A Future of Fair and Democratic European Central Banking

A Eurozone expert envisions how a new monetary policy – changing the way we pay, save, tax and spend – could fix the contradictions pulling Europe apart.

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Tax havens must be closed, but not for the reasons you think

It’s not just about the tax havens, the state can do better than blaming tax evasion for poor public services.

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Positive Money: How to Fix the Creation of Money?

In Autumn 2013 the Green Party of England and Wales voted to adopt a motion that would remove the power of banks to create money, and return that power to a democratically accountable part of the state. But what is money?

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