The Green New Deal: The Answer to Schnaiberg’s Treadmill?

Ana Rusan traces some of the social and environmental consequences of New Deal America through the sociology of Allan Schnaiberg.

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Basic Income in Scotland: Progress in a Time of Chaos

Interest in basic income is growing in Scotland and across the United Kingdom. Can we expect trials from the Scottish government and where might the momentum lead?

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The Austrian Greens Make Their Comeback

From appealing across the rural-urban divide to new electoral coalitions, the lessons from Austria’s election are relevant for green and progressive parties all over Europe.

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From Italy to the EU: Alternatives to a Failing Status Quo

A conversation on how to rework the political economy to end inequality and challenge the “business as usual” attitude of the EU and Italy’s ruling classes.

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Everybody’s Survival: the Growing Hunger for Climate Justice

A French petition to have the state’s duty and failure to act on climate recognised is part of a global movement which is picking up speed.

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Basic Income Has Always Been a Women’s Cause

In the UK, women spearheaded early campaigns for a basic income. Natalie Bennett explains why the feminist case for a UBI remains strong today.

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The Green-Left Future of Europe: A View from the Periphery

Truly tackling the 21st century’s biggest challenges demands a re-made EU which ties urgent action on climate change with a social justice agenda.

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A New Social Contract for the 21st Century

From climate change to robotisation, the challenges of the 21st century call for a new model of democracy. Dirk Holemans explores what a new social contract might look like.

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Protecting data without stifling innovation: a question of regulation?

With our data in the hands of web giants, can regulators stand up for civil liberties?

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Technology is No Guarantee of Equality

Algorithms: supposedly neutral but in fact liable to perpetuate various forms of discrimination, including against women and people of colour. How do they exert such power, and what are the stakes?

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