The Free Space for Data Monopolies in Europe is Shrinking

Will the recent EU laws prevent data monopolies?

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Border Surveillance, Digital Counter-Movements and the Politics of (In-)Visibility

We find ourselves living in a society where increasingly our actions and our right to freedom of cross-border movements – or lack thereof – are being constantly monitored, both physically and digitally. But as we enter the surveillance age, forms of digital civil disobedience are fighting to go beyond these new borders and to protect our scrutinised values and movements, and our right to privacy.

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Revealing and Leaving, not Spying and Punishing: the Ecological and Democratic Lessons of WikiLeaks

Thanks to the brave whistleblowers of our time, transparency, government accountability and our right to privacy are just some of the issues in the big internet dispute we are able to discuss in the freedom versus surveillance debate.

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Greens and Pirates: in Search of a New Majority for the Commons?

Once you make a commons together, you can have different political visions, but what you share is this desire to construct and protect the commons. Interview with Michel Bauwens, theorist and activist, co-founder of the Peer-to-Peer Foundation.

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No Such Thing as Internet Freedom, Says Your Virtual Landlord

A broad public debate and continuous campaign is needed to ensure that governmental invasion of our private information is kept to a minimum, but the PRISM revelation may be the tipping point that brings this about.

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