How the German Right Reacts to Youth Climate Activism

What strategies does Alternative für Deutschland use to discredit school strikers, and why does climate mobilising generate such a strong reaction on the Right?

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New Momentum for Climate Politics in Croatia

Youth movements have shaken up the political landscape across Europe. But countries in eastern and southern Europe saw smaller protests in 2019. We hear why from activists in Croatia.

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We Cannot Entrust Our Dreams to the Ballot Box

This interview on eco-social struggle in Latin America highlights the importance of social movements and warns against the illusion of change from above.

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Resilience Under Shock: Time for a Paradigm Shift

Faced with the systemic shock of the coronavirus crisis, the guiding principle for recovery should be resilience.

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Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Framework to Evaluate Green Agendas

In a reinvigorated debate, a political reading of proposals put forward to confront the climate emergency is necessary.

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Emancipation in the Neoliberal Era: Rethinking Transition with Karl Polanyi

After 40 years of neoliberalism tearing at the social fabric, what form will the 21st-century counter-movement take?

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Questioning Our Limits to Leave Scarcity Behind

Rather than insisting on external limits, environmentalists should call for society to make its own. The way forward is to organise an alternative project based on different view of the good life.

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EuropaCity: a “Hyper-place” for a Globalised Europe?

This gargantuan project has aroused public enthusiasm and anger in equal measure, and continues to hold lessons for understanding people’s relationships with cities.

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TTIP: We Were Right All Along

Viewed with suspicion, TTIP hangs over us like a dark cloud. Deemed as a threat to social rights, welfare, the environment and constitutional sovereignty, a civil society resistance movement continues to gain traction. In light of a recent leak by Greenpeace Netherlands further exposing these threats, it is time now to reassess the state of play.

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