What African Green Feminist Power Has to Offer

As the climate crisis intensifies on the African continent, we look at the rich history of intersectional environmentalism of the continent. 

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Françoise d’Eaubonne and the Imperfect Foundation of Ecofeminist Thought

The militant feminist theorised about the parallels between feminist and environmental struggles but didn’t win many over.

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Rachel Carson and the Environmental Awakening

How the American biologist changed the course of the environmental movement through her seminal work Silent Spring.

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Fighting the Patriarchy to Save the Planet

Can identifying the strands of thought linking all forms of domination help us to better fight against them?

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The Cost of Care: Rethinking Value in Times of Crisis

The burden of essential work has fallen heavily on the shoulders of women during the pandemic, even as the economy continues to undervalue them.

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Global Green Politics in a Time of Crisis

Green politics, extended and more clearly articulated to deal with today’s global politics, can transform lives and the liberal international order.

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Eco-Social Steps to Resilience

Building shock-resistant societies calls for a break with capitalist logic to propose solutions that prioritise wellbeing while factoring in ecological limits.

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Tackling the Menstruation Taboo

Menstrual capitalism reproduces deeply entrenched taboos to profit at the expense of wellbeing, environment and gender equality.

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Environmental Justice and the EU’s Relationship with Latin America

It is time for Europe to fulfil its desired role as a standard-bearer in environmental, social and gender-based protection.

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Progress Isn’t Progress Unless It’s Fair

To prevent the crystalisation of existing hierarchies and oppression, techno-scientific advances must keep freedom, equality, and sustainability as guiding principles.

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