The Case for Not Flying

With a 2.8 per cent share of the global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel, aviation must not escape climate action.

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Carbon Markets Are the Shortest Path to a Green New Deal

Longstanding problems with EU climate policy have been overcome and real money is on the table for the transition. The question is will it be enough.

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How Natural Are Natural Climate Solutions?

Unless pursued with extreme care, natural climate solutions risk becoming just another offsetting tool – alibis for inaction and delay.

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Delivering Green Mobility in 2049

The shift to a future green transport system offers huge benefits for citizens and environment alike, but requires deep transformation.

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Two Years to Save the Climate

Could reframing the climate challenge around near-future targets be a way out?

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The IPCC Report and Its Political Implications

As we approach the early December COP climate summit, Bert Metz explains what the recent IPCC report on global warming means for the planet, the economy and for Europe.

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Will technology kill off the car society?

Profound change is coming in the transport sector, the rules of which are being rewritten by the digital revolution. Changes to the way we move around call into question models of ownership and the reign of the private car. We discuss these crucial developments with French Green MEP Karima Delli, President of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee.

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Car Wars: The Future of Europe’s Car Industry

The automotive industry is in store for drastic change in the next ten years as the car is practically being reinvented and Germany and China compete to develop electric car technology.

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Vattenfall: The Downfall of the European Greens?

The Swedish power company Vattenfall, its mining activities and its impact throughout Europe – especially in Germany – illustrates the need for Greens to Europeanise their battles and their cooperation. Environmental protection and cross-national cooperation are two values that European Greens pride themselves on upholding. Vattenfall is and should be a test case for European Greens.

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How A Brexit Would Impact Climate Change and Future Climate Negotiations

Climate change includes major changes in temperature, precipitation, and of course many other effects that will occur over several decades or longer. Now, we must address how a possible Brexit might impact climate change and future climate negotiations at the national, European and global levels.

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