Unemployment, Pensions, Loneliness – Poverty Treats Men and Women Differently

Looking at food banks and poverty in Finland with a gendered lens can yield insights into its causes and solutions.

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A Tale of Two Finlands

The Greens are successfully wooing urban voters in Finland, but the rural areas tell a drastically different story. Why the stark contrast?

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Finland Takes a Giant Green Leap

Finland’s municipal elections on 8th April saw the Finnish Green party win an unprecedented 12.4 per cent of votes across the country and right-wing and populist parties take a beating.

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Flawed but Worth it: The Finnish Basic Income Experiment

Finland has just launched a basic income experiment. How is it different to other models. A critical yet hopeful look at its design & purpose.

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The Nordic Countries Would Gain from Welcoming Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Since 2015, more than one million asylum seekers have entered Europe. Of these, roughly 250,000 have come to the Nordic countries, prompting them to reassess their immigration systems and services.

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Finland, Land of Developing Agriculture

Development continues and the overall number of farms declines. What is it like to be a farmer in today’s Finland? Will the sector still attract new entrepreneurs in the future?

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