Genderphobia in Eastern Europe: Myths and Realities

Questioning the dividing line between East and West on LGBTQI+ emancipation.

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A Green Feminist Foreign Policy for the EU

The EU has made progress in promoting gender equality in its external action, but there is more to do to deliver structural change.

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Navigating the Culture Wars on Europe’s Borders

We spoke with MP Tomas Tomilinas who explained the issues driving politics in Lithuania today.

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Opportunism Not Ideology: Fidesz’s Campaign Against Sexual Minorities

A new discriminatory law against LGBTQI+ people fits well into the long-running political strategy of Fidesz.

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A Cliffhanger for LGBT+ Rights in Estonia

The Estonian public debate over LGBT+ rights became heated in 2020 but the issue has since receded from the spotlight. Where next in the fight for equality?

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Breaking Hard Earth: A Social History of Green Politics in Poland

Green politics has long been part of Polish politics and, despite its ups and downs, it certainly has a future.

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Gender Ideology and the Crisis of Care in Poland

In Poland the incumbent right-wing Law and Justice party, backed by the Catholic Church, demonised LGBT organisations in its recent successful electoral campaign. Adam Ostolski spoke to feminist activist and scholar Agnieszka Graff about why gender politics have become central to Polish politics, taking a step back to analyse how the Right’s scapegoating of gender is a response to the same set of social issues that the Left attributes to neoliberalism.

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Fighting the Backlash: Feminist & LGBTQI+ Futures

Annabelle Dawson
gathers 10 voices looking
forward to a Europe in
2049 where the gendered
structures of power and
violence have crumbled
in the face of feminism,
awareness and equality.

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Peace, Politics and Green Possibilities in South Korea

An interview with the Korean Green co-chair on progressive struggles, prospects, and politics in Northeast Asia.

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The Dutch-Ukraine Referendum: Between Apathy and Antipathy

The Dutch referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is a matter of days away. Despite the best efforts of campaigners, the electorate has remained largely apathetic. Now we ask: why is a referendum being organised on a topic which apparently does not interest voters; and further to this, what will its outcome mean for Europe?

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