Public Abundance is the Secret to the Green New Deal

As the COVID-19 crisis has further highlighted, local public services are essential to achieve a sustainable and democratic life.

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We Cannot Entrust Our Dreams to the Ballot Box

This interview on eco-social struggle in Latin America highlights the importance of social movements and warns against the illusion of change from above.

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A Legal Revolution for the Rights of Nature

A legal system that prioritises the conservation of the living world over private property would be a powerful tool for ecological transition.

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From the Street Up: Founding a New Politics in Spain

Is political ecology able to push for real transformation and to offer a convincing narrative that transcends class lines?

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The Children Who Accuse Us

Inside the climate movement, journalist Rosalie Salaün talks to young activists to understand what is driving them and where their politics is going.

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MeTooEP: Rooting Out Sexual Harassment in the European Parliament

The MeTooEP movement shone a light on sexual harassment in European Parliament. Despite important progress, much remains to be done.

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Where Next for the French Greens?

In a France dominated by leaders without movements and rocked by movements without leaders, can political ecology build on EU election success to help fix the crisis of representation?

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Towards a Spanish Green Hegemony

A series of crises in recent years have made instability the political norm in Spain. Ahead of the general election in November, we ask how political ecology has fared through these developments and what opportunities lie ahead.

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Time to Rebel: Civil Disobedience for the Planet

A discussion with the Extinction Rebellion activist on the international climate group’s disruptive tactics in London and their demands for climate action.

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