“No Good Choices Left”: Our Dilemma Under a White Sky

After her Pulitzer-winning The Sixth Extinction, Elizabeth Kolbert’s new book, Under a White Sky, describes the world of “techno-fixes” to the damage we have inflicted on nature.

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Back in the Ground: Capturing Carbon through Farming

By increasing the carbon in soil, farmers could play a key role in offsetting emissions on a massive scale, making agriculture key to solving climate change.

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Climate Security Cannot Ignore the Military

As generations mobilise to save the climate, traditional military mobilisations are doing much to destroy it. The carbon footprint of the military needs to be on the table.

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The Carbon Divide: The Material Basis of Polarisation

Far-right populism and green politics are now rivals in opposite corners of a polarised political ring.

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How Natural Are Natural Climate Solutions?

Unless pursued with extreme care, natural climate solutions risk becoming just another offsetting tool – alibis for inaction and delay.

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The IPCC Report and Its Political Implications

As we approach the early December COP climate summit, Bert Metz explains what the recent IPCC report on global warming means for the planet, the economy and for Europe.

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The Paris Climate Plan Is on Life Support: Can Negative Emissions Deliver on Global Climate Ambitions?

Post-Trump, should Greens embrace the potential of negative carbon emissions?

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A “Plan B” for European Security: Mitigating Climate Change Through Military Procurement

Climate change represents a unique opportunity for Europe’s green parties to “lead the way” by developing a sound strategy for “greening” Europe’s foreign and security policy – and in the process revamping this stagnant dimension of European integration.

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The New Deal for Europe ECI: A plan for sustainable development and employment

The New Deal for Europe is a European Citizens’ Initiative supported by a coalition of social and political groups. It emerged as a response to the economic crisis, and seeks to build a solid employment and sustainable development plan for Europe by relying on federalist ideas and mechanisms to enhance solidarity in the EU.

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The Carbon Bubble: The Real Threat to the Financial System

Over the past decades, markets have invested in damaging industries such as fossil fuels and financial speculation. This has contributed to unsustainable development, and may well be creating an enormous ‘carbon bubble’. However, there are steps we can take to stop this bubble turning into another subprime-style crisis.

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