Sex in Colonial Empires and Its Legacy in Europe Today

Feminist and historian Christelle Taraud discusses her research into the representation of race and sex in North Africa under French colonial rule and its legacy today.

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Europe Will Not Collapse But It Might Rot From Within

CEU gender studies professor Andrea Pető explores the challenge that illiberal regimes pose for gender equality and the values of modernity.

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Fighting the Backlash: Feminist & LGBTQI+ Futures

Annabelle Dawson
gathers 10 voices looking
forward to a Europe in
2049 where the gendered
structures of power and
violence have crumbled
in the face of feminism,
awareness and equality.

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Destination Europe

The Green European Journal’s editor-in-chief introduces the edition, journeying through a future Europe that aspires to make life better, brighter and more humane in 2049.

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#MeToo and the Baupin Trial: Will the Greens Break the French Lock?

Will the trial against a former Green politician for sexual harassment mark a milestone for wider French society?

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Beyond Coal by 2030

An interview on struggling for a coal phase-out by 2030, a just transition for workers, and on why gender is relevant to the COP climate talks.

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When Time Isn’t Money: The Case for Working Time Reduction

Could reducing working time offer a way to a fairer, healthier, and more sustainable society? Expert Anna Coote sets out the arguments behind the proposal.

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Unemployment, Pensions, Loneliness – Poverty Treats Men and Women Differently

Looking at food banks and poverty in Finland with a gendered lens can yield insights into its causes and solutions.

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Czech Society Continues to Discriminate Against Women

Lower salaries, more poverty, and discrimination – when will life for women in Czech Republic change?

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A Conversation that Cannot Wait

A broad coalition seems to be gathering pace in Ireland, and extending far beyond the country’s borders, calling for a reform of Ireland’s abortion laws – the most stringent in Europe. A courageous campaign combined with a shift in public attitudes could mean real change is finally on the horizon.

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